TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Roughly half of Americans drinks coffee, according to data from E-Importz, a coffee seller. A recent study by StudyFinds surveyed coffee drinkers and found that three out of every four Americans who drink coffee can’t go a day without the bitter brew.

Most can’t drink just one cup either, according to the survey. So, what are American’s real coffee drinking habits?

According to the StudyFinds analysis, based on data provided by a OnePoll survey of 2,000 people, most Americans drink at least two cups of coffee every day, and need about 20 minutes to drink it up. The average coffee drinker also gets picky when it comes to price.

American coffee drinkers are “against overpriced boutique coffee shops. The average coffee drinker absolutely refuses pay more than $3 for a regular-sized café brew,” according to StudyFinds.

The biggest portion of coffee enthusiasts have grown their love of coffee over the past three years, due to a combination of “coffee-related trends, remote working, and working overtime.” 19% drink drip coffee, where the beans are brewed traditionally in a standard coffee pot. Cold brew is the coffee of choice for 14% of American coffee drinkers, and pour-over, where the beans are brewed in a round, conical pot, make up 13% of consumers.

Almost half of Americans who drink coffee also enjoy it with chocolate, with pairing coffee and chocolate leading to consumers feeling “emotionally better” when they have the two beans together. Granted, coffee is technically a berry not a bean, while cocoa or cacao is also not a bean. Both coffee and cocoa are actually seeds of berries, from trees.

Actual beans are legumes, rather than a berry.

The survey from StudyFinds said 84% of coffee drinkers had their days improved when they could slowly sip or savor their coffee. It ties in to further survey results showing that roughly 60% of the respondents prefer drinking coffee minus any tension. “Respondents say drinking coffee is less enjoyable to them if they’re stressed,” StudyFinds said.

The change of pace is also important to coffee drinkers, with almost 80% saying they’d change part of their normal day-to-day to have more time to drink their coffee instead.

“Still, 78 percent say that getting the chance to have their coffee whenever and wherever they choose would improve their day overall,” StudyFinds said. “In fact, respondents would willingly give up elements of their routine for more time to relax and enjoy their coffee.”