TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A 6-year-old Ohio boy suffered severe burns across his body as he shielded his younger brother from flames when their mother’s car caught fire in a parking lot.

According to WOIO, 6-year-old Dean and 4-year-old brother Elijah were waiting in their mother’s car Thursday as she ran into a store to grab her prescriptions. When she returned, she noticed her car engulfed in flames.

“I came out, my car was on fire,” the children’s mother, Iesha Newson told the news outlet.

Newson said Dean put his younger brother in the trunk and stood in front of him so he wouldn’t get burned.

“That’s very selfless for a 6-year-old,” she said.

As the flames grew, good Samaritans noticed the burning car and helped pull Elijah to safety. Newson said as the good Samaritans were pulling Dean from the car, it exploded.

Dean suffered from second and third-degree burns to his face, arms, and legs.

When he woke up from his treatment, he told his mom he was like Spiderman for saving his little brother, the report added.

Newson said she bought her car two months prior to the incident. According to reports, it is unclear what led to the fire.