INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WFLA/WXIN) — A 2-year-old boy died a week after accidentally closing his own neck in a car window.

Logan Vanderkleed’s parents say God is giving them strength to get through this difficult time.

“Out of all this, I hope when people look at us, and our composure, I hope they don’t really see us, but they see that its Christ in us,” Drew Vanderkleed said, “That he is holding us up.”

Drew was working on a family farm when Logan got his neck stuck in the window of a vehicle. According to the family, the children were taking a nap in a vehicle with the AC on, when Logan managed to roll down the window. Later, he would roll the window back up, trapping his neck.

“Looked up one time and there he was, hanging outside the window, his head,” Drew said.

Logan died early Thursday morning according to a Love for Logan Facebook page documenting his hospital stay. OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-