TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) – A Kansas mother is asking for help recovering a stolen camera that carried the final moments of her recently deceased daughter.

Ashley Pheifer’s daughter, Faith, died in her sleep in January at the age of 5.

“It has been absolutely heartbreaking. She was really the glue that kept our family and she was a determined little girl in a wheel chair with an amazing smile,” Pfeifer explains.

Faith had Spina Bifida, which required extra attention and care. “My husband went down in the middle of the night just to do check on her and make sure everything was okay, typical routine, and she was not okay,” said Pfeifer

Two months later, the newly family of four had a break-in at their home. Pfeifer said the burglars robbed her family of more than material things, they stole memories. Among the items taken was a $1,000 camera, but Pfeifer says what’s on the SD card inside is worth a lot more.

“The pictures were of my daughter and of my family after she had already passed,” she said.

Pfeifer said you can also check the camera for pictures of Faith, her brother and sister playing games. “I don’t even want the camera back. I just want the chip, the SD card.”  She still has the box to the camera – a Canon Rebel T3i and on it are pictures of her little girl.

“Who wouldn’t want their last moments with their daughter? They’re extremely important to me,”

Pfeifer says she’s ready for some positivity with the help of a little faith. “I’ve had a hard year,” Pfeifer said, “so it would be nice to have something glorious happen to me.”WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: 

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