GLADWIN COUNTY, MI (WFLA) – A family doing spring cleaning discovered a stash of women’s shoes and lingerie in a wall of their barn.

WNEM reported that the homeowner Gwen Skover was cleaning out the barn and found a hidden wall. She said her son broke it apart and what they found was “a little creepy.”

They found 53 pairs of shoes, including high heels and sneakers, and stuffed in the shoes there was women’s lingerie.

“I want to say maybe somebody having  their little thing in the garage, privately, maybe not open to the world,” Skover told WNEM.

The homeowner plans to trash this treasure trove because it doesn’t seem to be connected to any crime. She said she told WNEM about her find because she thought that might make other homeowners curious about what can be hidden on their property.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: