An Indiana mother is defending a decision that landed her in jail for a night.

Last week, 25-year-old Taylor Cumings left her young children home alone for the day.

She tells WISH her 4-year-old Kamron was home sick from school. She left her 7-year-old son Tyruse in charge of caring for him because she didn’t have a babysitter but still had to work. 

“I felt that for a day he was fine. Was I worried sick? Absolutely. Who wouldn’t be?” she said. “To say that a 7-year-old is mature enough to watch a 4-year-old sounds absolutely outrageous. I totally understand people do not know me or my kids.”

Cumings is a single mom and says that, while the situation wasn’t ideal, she felt Tyruse was mature enough to handle daycare duty for a day.

“They know one, not to touch the stove. Don’t touch the heaters, the baseboards,” Cumings said. “They know not to answer the door for anybody.”

That’s why, when police showed up in response to an anonymous tip, Tyruse called a family member to let them know.

“When the police arrived he knew not to answer that door until my aunt showed up,” Cumings said.

Police arrested the mom, who is now facing a preliminary charge of neglect. Her boys stayed with their aunt for the night while their mom was in jail.

“It was humiliating. I am – it was made a joke right now that I’m a bad parent,” she told WISH. “And none of that is true.”

Cumings says she will not be leaving her children home alone again.

“Absolutely not. Never.”