SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WFLA) – A South Carolina mother is grieving the loss of her son after the 11-year-old died while playing games called Hangman and pass-out challenge online.

Davorius Gray was found dead in his home. His mother, Latrice Hurst, believes he was playing an online game where kids choke themselves to the point of passing out.

She says her son showed no signs of depression or destructive behavior, but he was a prankster who loved to play tricks.

“I would just say I don’t believe young people should be on social media and it should be limited to adults or at the very least with extreme adult supervision where the parents can see everything that takes place on the sites should be a requirement,” the family statement read.

Their pastor says the family devastated. He says being with them was the most heart-wrenching experience of his life.

“It is honestly the most humbling and heart-wrenching experience of my life because sweet, little Nae, his 8-year-old sister is in there, and she’s stoic and hurting and doesn’t know how to react. And I just wanted to fix it and there’s literally nothing I could do,” said Mark Pangel, Family Pastor

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstance surrounding Davorius’ death.THE STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: