File video: Hernando County teacher under investigation after showing students Disney film

(NBC News) — A high school sophomore in Missouri was suspended three days after she recorded her teacher last week using a racist slur in class, prompting the teenager’s lawyer and mother to demand that the district apologize and expunge the suspension from her record.

The incident occurred May 9 in a geometry class at Glendale High School in Springfield, when the student’s teacher used the slur more than once, and the student then decided to pick up her cellphone and record, said the teenager’s lawyer, Natalie Hull.

The student, Mary Walton, recorded the teacher, whom the school district has not publicly identified, using the N-word twice in a video that lasts about one minute.

In part of the video, another student objects to the teacher’s use of the word, and he responds: “I’m not calling anyone a n—-r. I can say the word.”

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