Millennials could have big hand in election results


Millennials could have a big hand in the upcoming midterm elections. According to an NBCNews/GenForward poll released this morning, although 16 percent of millennials say they have interest in politics, many more are showing up at the polls to vote. 

Here are the results from the poll:


·        46 percent of millennials (including those who say they lean toward voting for a party) say they plan to vote for the Democratic candidate in the 2018 congressional elections and 26% plan to vote for the Republican candidate. Another 27 percent say they’ll vote for neither candidate or are not sure.

·        59 percent of millennials say their preference for the outcome of the 2018 Congressional election is a Congress controlled by Democrats and 37 percent would prefer a Congress controlled by Republicans.

·        55 percent of millennials say they’ll probably (24 percent) or definitely (31 percent) vote in the midterm election. A quarter (25 percent) are unsure if they’ll vote and 19% say they’ll probably (11 percent) or definitely (8 percent) not vote.

·        28 percent of millennials say the candidate quality that matters most in deciding for whom they’ll vote in the upcoming midterms is someone who can bring about needed change. Another 24 percent say someone who shares their values, followed by someone who is honest and trustworthy (22 percent), someone who cares about people like them (18 percent) and only 5 percent say they want someone with the right experience.

·        47 percent say voting this year has about the same  level of importance to them as past midterm elections; 29 percent say voting this year is more important and 16 percent say it’s  less important.


President Trump

·        58 percent of millennials disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president and only 17 percent approve (15 percent neither approve nor disapprove).

·        42 percent of millennials say their vote in this year’s midterm election will be more to express opposition to President Trump and only 14 percent say their vote will be to express support for him. Another 24 percent say Trump is not an important factor in their vote and 18 percent said they don’t plan to vote at all.

·        46 percent of millennials say the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has made them more motivated to vote in the upcoming midterm election, 18 percent say the outcome made them less likely to vote and 34 percent said 2016 made no difference in their motivation to vote in 2018.

·        67 percent of millennials say President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will be a factor in deciding for whom they vote in November (8 percent say the SCOTUS nominee is the most important factor, 35 percent say one of several important factors and 24 percent say a minor factor). 31 percent say Trump’s SCOTUS nominee isn’t a factor at all in their vote.


Congress & Parties

·        A majority of millennials (57 percent) disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job and only 16% approve (26 percent neither approve nor disapprove).

·        60 percent of millennials have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party and only 26 percent have a favorable view.

·        69 percent of millennials do not think the Republican Party cares about people like them (only 29 percent think the party does care about people like them).

·        44 percent of millennials have a favorable view of the Democratic Party and 42 percent have an unfavorable view.

·        A majority (52 percent) of millennials think the Democratic Party cares about people like them and 47 percent think the party does not care about people like them.


Political Engagement

·        Only 16 percent say they have a great deal of interest in politics and elections; 38 percent have a fair amount of interest, 31 percent only a little interest and 13 percent  no interest at all.

·        39 percent of millennials say they have voted in elections in the past year to try to influence politics; 28 percent have shared opinions on news articles on politics on social media; 27 percent have signed a petition, either on paper or over the internet; 16 percent have boycotted a product or company for political reasons; 14 percent have written or called their representatives; 12 percent have participated in a protest, rally, or demonstration; 9 percent have donated money to a candidate, campaign or political organization; 7 percent have put up a political sign (such as a law sign or bumper sticker); 7 percent have attended local political meetings; 5 percent have worked or volunteered for a candidate or campaign. 32 percent of millennials said they’ve not done any of those things in the past year.

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