CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay area’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened Thursday in Clearwater.

The Truelieve facility opened at 24761 US 19 North. The facility sells low-THC, and, what is described as “whole plant, high-THC” medical cannabis. Patients need a doctor’s permission and to suffer from certain medical conditions to receive the THC.

Patients can find a variety of products in the cannabis dispensary. There are a variety of products infused with oil from pot plants, including capsules, droppers, an oral syringe and a vaporizer.

It’s illegal to smoke these products.

Renee Petro’s son Brandon has found certain kinds of marijuana help stop seizures, which are caused by a rare disease. Renee Petro is hopeful this dispensary is just a start in the movement supporting medical marijuana. While they won’t be placing an order because of the types of products that have helped him, this mom is glad to see the dispensary opening.

“I think its quite historical. And for Florida, I think it’s amazing,” she said.

At Thursday’s grand opening patients, with doctor approval, bought medical cannabis for various ailments.

Pat Caudill has serious tremors. “I’ve been taking this for two weeks now and (it has) about cut it in half,” Caudill said.

Bonnie, who did not provide her last name, hopes it will help treat her skin cancer. “I will try anything at this point (because) I’m tired of being like zapped at the dermatologist and then it comes back,” she said.

Renee Petro did express a concern police might arrest customers. “There’s a disconnect. They don’t know that this is available. They have no clue,” she warned.

8 On Your Side checked with the CEO of Trulieve about that concern.

Kim Rivers said the company has reached out to law enforcement and invited them to tour the facility. Plus, it has invited members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to see the cultivation facilities in order to better understand the process.