MANATEE COUNTY (WFLA) — In a letter dated May 20, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller Angel Colonneso raised a number of concerns regarding County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes.

The letter comes days before commissioners are set to vote on the administrator’s contract with the county.

In the letter to Commission Chairman Kevin Van Ostenbridge, Collonneso explained she felt it was “necessary” and her “duty” to memorialize a number of “troubling events.” She also said she referred some of the matters to her Inspector General.

In the letter she highlights four areas of concern including lack of communication, lack of transparency, reorganization impacts and potential risks, and fiscal accountability.

In regards to transparency, the Clerk claims the County administrator “admonished” her for her “promptness in responding to a public records request.”

“He told me his public information officer could teach me how to deal with the press and that I don’t have to respond quickly,” Colonneso said. “I told him my office responds promptly to public records. He told me I could bring down an entire county department by responding to a request because he had a ‘situation’ going on in a department.”

In regards to fiscal accountability, Colonneso in the letter explains she learned that a “$46,000.00 Chevrolet Tahoe was purchased recently and while it is labeled a ‘pool’ vehicle, there is evidence that the county administrator exclusively uses this vehicle as transportation including to and from work.”

She pointed out it is in addition to a $450 monthly car allowance included in his current contract.

“My concern is that a lot of things are dropping through the cracks there,” Colonneso said. “It is for the commission to decide if they want to speak with him about this and sit down with him. My duty as the comptroller is to let the commission know when there is the potential for loss. As fast as things are happening, I don’t know what will be revealed in the course of my Inspector General’s office looking at this, but I did not want the county commission to be in the dark and I wanted them to know. I thought they would appreciate this information.”

It appears some members of the commission, however, are not appreciative.

Chairman Kevin Van Ostenbridge fired back at Colonneso’s letter Friday, releasing the following statement:

“As Chairman of the Manatee County Commission, I will not sit idly by while an elected official abuses the status of her office to attack one of our county employees. The Clerk’s letter is strategic and politically motivated. Recently, light has been shed on Miss Colonnesso’s actions as Clerk which resulted in the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars. Miss Colonnesso has chosen not to face the music and take responsibility for her own actions. Instead, she has taken a page from the Joe Biden playbook and is pointing a finger at others to distract from her failures. This political stunt attempts to undermine the sovereignty of our Board of County Commissioners. Manatee County taxpayers deserve better from their Clerk.”

Colonneso told 8 On Your Side she stands by her decision to contact the commission with her concerns.

Commissioner Van Ostenbridge assured the commission will look into the claims in the letter, but called them “opinions.”

“Of course your county commissioners are going to look into this and check into it, but we are there everyday working with our county administrator and we know how things are being run,” Van Ostenbridge said. “We are aware of a lot of the things that were in that letter and we are disappointed to hear that communication may not be going well between the two of them. These are opinions on either side, so we will have to look into it a little further,”

The vote regarding Dr. Hopes’ contract is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

A county spokesperson told 8 On Your Side Tuesday the county administrator had no comment at this time.