WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) — A Winter Haven man is behind bars after unleashing half a dozen rounds into another man who asked if he wanted to “drink and chill” at his apartment, according to police.

Authorities said 26-year-old Ki’Jana Devane Thomas was at his home on Monday, Sep. 20 when he heard a knock at his door. There stood a man whom Thomas has had negative encounters with in the past.

The man, who police did not identify, asked Thomas if he wanted to “drink and chill,” but Thomas told the man to get away from the house, police said, adding that Thomas had told him to stay away from him and his home before.

As the man walked backward toward the street, Thomas pulled a firearm from his pocket and shot the man six times, police said. The man then ran from the area and ended up at the Dollar General where Winter Haven Police officers found him.

Thomas called 911 to report that he had just shot someone and told officers he pulled the trigger because the man began to “charge” at him putting him in fear for his life.

One witness told police they saw Thomas extend his arm while holding a gun but did not see who or what he was firing at.

“All Mr. Thomas needed to do was close the door and ignore the victim or at least call us to intervene,” Winter Haven Police Chief David Brannan said. “Instead he decided to use a firearm taking matters into his own hands possibly endangering other citizens in the area.”

The victim was airlifted to Lakeland Regional Health where he remains in “critical, but stable condition.”

Thomas was charged with aggravated battery with a weapon.