HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Clyde Darville was sitting inside his home on the Hillsborough River when he noticed fast action in the water behind him.

“Saw the jet skis acting up and jumping wakes and what have you. I thought to myself, somebody is going to get hurt,” Darville said.

He was right, security camera video from his home shows a man on a personal watercraft turn directly into the path of a boat.

The boat ran over the victim, but the operator of the boat quickly dove into the water to save the life of the man he had just hit.

“He looked lifeless. I wasn’t sure if he had survived at the time and I was very concerned about that,” Darville said.

The F.W.C. has identified the operator of the personal watercraft as Lex Logan Sammons, 30. He is listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

The F.W.C. says Jeffrey Lawrence Gustafson was operating a 21-foot boat that hit Sammons. Gustafson and a passenger, Penny Lynn Bradford, were not injured.

Darville says he’s not sure if change on the river would help, but he would like to see something done to prevent future accidents.

“We have a 25 mile an hour speed limit in the front of the house, but in the back they come by at 70 and I think a 25 mile an hour in the front and a 25 mile an hour in the back would be sufficient,” said Darville.

The F.W.C. is investigating the accident, so far no charges have been filed.