COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (WCMH) – A week after posting a video to Facebook, a Colorado man was greeted by a police officer and a traffic ticket.

Michael Dalton recorded video in an attempt to show neighbors a shortcut through his neighborhood that avoids a nearby highway. He received a negative reaction because the shortcut involves cutting through private property.

About a week after the video was posted, a police officer showed up at his door and handed him a ticket for reckless driving and running a stop sign.

Dalton recorded the encounter and can be heard asking the officer, “So you’re writing me for the stop sign based on my video?”

Woodland Park police Sgt. Andy Leibbrand told KKTV, “You have a first amendment right to post whatever you want and you can, but if you’re breaking the law and it’s in our jurisdiction, then we can do something about it.”

Dalton was also cited for trespassing and harassment in a different incident at the same complex.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON RIGHT NOW: