TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — James Hanson was on trial for bank robbery, carjacking, and murder in a series of crimes that took place in August 2019.

His trial got off to a shaky start Tuesday. As the day began, the judge announced there had been a problem with one juror.

Overnight, the juror informed the court that their teenage child had run away and that police were involved.

The juror told the judge they could not participate in the trial because they would be too distracted. The judge agreed to dismiss the juror.

Afterward, the state began to present its opening statements telling jurors how Hanson had entered a bank in Valrico wearing sunglasses and a mask. The state said Hanson only left the bank with a few coins but then he stepped outside and abducted 68-year-old Mathew Korattiyil who he later killed.

After the state made its opening statement. Another juror told the court she had a problem.

During the opening statement, the juror realized the father of her child knew James Hanson and had even called the defendant’s cell phone around the time of the bank robbery.

The judge agreed to dismiss that juror, leaving only 11 jurors to hear the case. The judge then dismissed the entire jury panel and decided to pick a new group of jurors to hear the case.

Late in the day, Hanson informed the court he wanted to plead guilty to all of the charges against him.

In court, Hanson told the judge he had multiple conversations with his attorneys about his decision and was making the choice on his own. Hanson’s attorney’s told the judge he was making the decision against their advice.

The judge told Hanson once he entered the guilty plea, he would not be able to change his mind at a later date and that he would serve the rest of his life in prison without a chance of parole.

Hanson said that was his choice.

Family members of Mathew Korattiyil then had a chance to tell Hanson and the court how his murder had impacted many lives and caused much pain.

“I hope you think about what you’ve done and all the pain that you’ve caused my family,” Manju Korattiyil said.

“I’ve had two kids since you murdered him that he has not met,” Nelson Korattiyil said.

“Our pain will never really dissipate, even with what’s happening today,” Melvin Korattiyil said.

Before he left, Hanson apologized to the family.

“I can’t bring him back, and I apologize to you Nelson,” Hanson said. “I can’t bring him back. I can’t do nothing about it. I’m sorry.”

Hanson was then sentenced to life in prison.