A 97-year-old Belize woman is without her new prosthetic foot after her Tampa Bay area daughter says Southwest Airlines lost it on a flight.

The prosthetic her mom has now is disintegrating and duct taped together, and her mom really needs the new one.

“I feel like they robbed me and it’s the principle. In today’s technology, they should not lose luggage for two weeks,” said Margaret Crawford.

Crawford left Tampa International Airport on March 30 to visit her mom and to deliver a new prosthetic foot.

“My fear is that when she is walking in the (one) duct taped to a shoe, that she can fall and if she falls at 97 that is like saying that is the end,” said Crawford.

Crawford made it to Belize but the foot did not.

“I wanted to witness my mom putting on that shoe, I wanted to dance with her, just to hold her and see that excitement and listen to her laughter,” said Crawford.

Every day while she was visiting her mom, and making memories with her, Southwest called saying the luggage was still lost.

Once Crawford returned to Tampa, Southwest finally found the luggage in Atlanta.

“I told them that wasn’t fair. If you send it to Belize it would be in customs. What good is it going to do sitting in customs,” said Crawford.

Crawford paid over $500 for a flight and an additional $75 for the foot to get there.

Southwest has offered only half of that for her trouble and Crawford simply can’t afford to spend any more money.

“I  made a lot of sacrifice to make that trip and I am expecting Southwest to do the right thing – for them to get me back there with my luggage so I can see my mom with her foot and I would like it while she is still alive,” said Crawford.

8 On Your Side has reached out to Southwest for comment. So far, they have not responded.