TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — WFLA’s morning show has been missing Chris Martinez’s presence over the past few weeks.

The anchor joined the show virtually from his home Friday morning and revealed he has taken a medical leave of absence.

About a year ago, Chris was diagnosed with a condition in his right eye. He hoped over time, his condition would improve, but he says it got worse.

“A couple months ago, it really got to the point, where it was affecting my ability to do a lot of things, including being at work with you guys,” Chris said.

He said he had trouble reading the teleprompter, and adjusting his eyes to all the lights in the studio.

“My doctors, along with my managers there at News Channel 8 decided that the best thing to do would be to take a brief medical leave while I continue to get treatment for this, and hopefully turn it all around,” Chris said.

Chris said it was “strictly a vision issue.” He is feeling fine and not in pain.

“I have been doing some medications and some treatment, and hopefully we’re going to see some improvement here in a short amount of time,” he added.

Chris said he is hoping to return to the news desk once he sees more improvements, and will share health updates on his social media pages.