TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Family, friends, loved ones and members of the Tampa Bay community took time Tuesday to celebrate the life of WFLA Chief Photojournalist Paul Lamison.

Loved ones gathered in Tampa for a memorial service and celebration of life. The service was streamed live online so members of the public who felt connected to Paul through his on-air and online presence were able to watch.

Paul’s wife Nerissa and his three daughters – Emily, Kate and Ava – were among the speakers at the memorial.

Father Michael Reyes, formerly of Sacred Heart Church, flew down from upstate New York to bless Paul. Former WFLA Chief Photojournalist Rich Murphy and Tampa’s Philippine Cultural Foundation Chairman Arnell Biglette also spoke.

Paul died earlier this month after suffering a heart attack. Paul was 57 years old and is survived by his cherished wife and daughters, and several brothers and sisters.

Paul grew up in the Tampa Bay area and started working at News Channel 8 in 1993. In his nearly 30 years at WFLA, he became a known and beloved figure in the community, and was an integral part of news coverage on several major stories as our Eagle 8 HD photojournalist.

Paul’s family has set up a memorial scholarship fund in his honor to support students entering the journalism field. They are hoping to raise $100,000. Donations can be made on GoFundMe.