TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — A family is praising a pizza delivery driver who helped their 90-year-old mother after a fall.

Annie Goshen suffers from dementia and stepped outside her home on West Euclid Avenue to pick flowers when she fell landing on a huge rock.

“She also had scissors in her hand, and you know she could’ve fallen on the scissors,” said PJ Steele, Goshen’s daughter.

Steele shared thankfully a kind-hearted pizza delivery driver named “Joey” saw her mother on the ground and quickly went over to help.

“Had he not been there, there’s no telling how long she would’ve laid there because where the house is here, we are on a dead-end street, and I don’t think anybody would’ve seen her,” Steele said.

The 90-year-old was home alone when the fall happened. Goshen learned the pizza driver helped her mother off the ground, walked her inside the house and stayed with her mother until paramedics arrived.

Through security cameras in the home, Steele got to watch her mother’s interaction with Joey.

“He just held her hand, and they talked and hugged, I was just very touched.”

Goshen told 8 On Your Side she hopes to one day see Joey again.