Security website, is out with its ranking of safest college campuses in America. 

The University of South Florida Tampa Campus was ranked last out of all Florida college campuses at 382 out of 490 schools nationwide.

Several factors come into play when trying to rank the safest schools in America, such as campus size, location, and culture, but according to the site, researchers used data from law enforcement and FBI crime reports, as they compared 490 colleges. They took two variables into account: crime rate and police adequacy. Then they made a distinction between violent and non-violent crimes. 

“It was surprising to hear the statistic, but I feel relatively safe,” says student Shae Driscoll. “It’s the surrounding area I think that contributes to the statistic.”

In first place as the safest college in America is Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee. The University of Michigan finished in last place.

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