KEY LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) — The University of South Florida professor, who broke the world record for the longest time spent living in a fixed underwater habitat last month, is set to resurface this week after spending 100 days living underwater.

USF professor and researcher Joseph Dituri will emerge after living 22 feet underwater at Jules’ Undersaw Lodge in Key Largo.

Dituri, also known as “Dr. Deep Sea,” began his underwater mission on March 1. The professor decided to live underwater to study how the human body responds to long-term exposure to pressure from the underwater habitat.

Dituri said he hopes his research will allow him to help people with traumatic brain injuries.

“I’m humbled that my curiosity for discovery has led me here,” Dituri said. “My goal is to inspire — not only for generations to come — but for scientists around the globe who study life undersea and how the human body functions when in extreme environments.”

He broke the world record after 72 days in the underwater lab. On top of living below the surface, Dituri continued virtually teaching over 2,450 students.