A rising entrepreneur at the University of Tampa is the creator of the No. 1 spy pen sold worldwide.

The iSpyPen Pro is a game-changing gadget that looks like a pen, writes like a pen, but does so much more.

“It’s a fully functional pen that records HD video and audio. We sell these all over the world, we’ve shipped to 20 countries, and every state,” said Andrew Gilliland who is the founder of iSpy Pens, and a student at UT’s Sykes College. Gilliland also has office space at the university’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center.

The iSpy Pens are hugely popular because they captures a clear, high-resolution picture and pick up clear sound. People from various backgrounds seem to find great uses for the pen, even fellow college students.

“We have tons of college students purchasing our product, private investigators, and law enforcement is another huge category for us. So we’ve created partnerships with very specific demographics.”

And they get creative with the pen.  One local groom used the pen to capture the moment he proposed to his bride-to-be.

“We have sold out of this office 300,000 iSpy pens,  and we’re on track this year to do 400,000 in sales,” said Gilliland.

When you buy the iSpy pen you will be prompted to read your state laws so you can know how to legally use the device. 

While in college Andrew already has commercial accounts, hired to propel sales of selling mattresses right to a consumers door and Knapp Made Kitchen Products.