TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — President Joe Biden made a surprise and historic visit to war-torn Ukraine on Monday, giving hope to Ukrainians like Elona Krasavtseva.

“This is an act of courage, this is an act of support, and I am very proud of President Biden, he showed he is a courageous man,” said Krasavtseva, a singer and entertainer who was raised in Ukraine and now lives in the Tampa Bay area.

Krasavtseva still has family in Russia and Ukraine and has protested against the war since it started. On Sunday, she will help host an event to support the people of Ukraine.

“The continual support of the Ukrainian people is very important because if we don’t stop this aggression, if the United States and Europe allow this aggression to win it will create a chaos,” said Krasavtseva.

Julia Tseholnyk is from the Ukranian city of Bucha, where the Russian Army has been accused of executing dozens of civilians and many other war crimes.

With the war destroying their town, Tseholnyk was forced to flee her country with her husband and infant daughter. The family made it to Mexico, and eventually to the United States and have now settled in the Tampa Bay area, but it hasn’t been easy.

She says she would like to return to her home, but doesn’t know when it will be possible.

“Because we didn’t know how long it will be and we understand what situation can be worse and worse and we didn’t know what to do,” said Tseholnyk.

She is also pleased that Biden traveled to her country.

“It’s a very good trip to Ukraine because Ukrainian people who stay in Ukraine understand that we are not forgotten about Ukraine,” said Tseholnyk.

Krasavtseva says while she is happy the president visited Ukraine, she knows the people there need more. She believes fighter aircraft from the United States would help end the war sooner.

“He is a courageous man. Ukrainian people are grateful to him for that, but Ukrainian people do need F-16’s to win we need F-16’s,” Krasavtseva said.