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Tips of the trade: how to make money selling online

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For people looking to tidy up and to get rid of clutter around their home, many are turning to social media to make some extra money. 

“You want to make sure you’re not getting a lot of background of clutter,” said Cheryl Cowans of West Chase. She says being successful at selling online starts with staging the perfect photo.

She takes the photo on her phone and within seconds posts it online for sale.

“It’s so much easier than having a garage sale. It’s at the tip of your fingers. People are on Facebook all day long,” said Cowans.

She created the Facebook group Westchase Swap N Shop which has grown to nearly 60,000 members buynig and selling online. 

Selling online has turned into a second job for Cowans. “I usually make a couple hundred dollars a month,” she said. 

Cowans isn’t just selling her own stuff from around the house, she checks yard sales, and clearance racks to make a profit.

“I go to stores at the end of season and buy off-season stuff, so like pool floats, these squirt guns you can see I paid $3.88, and I could probably turn around and sell it for at least double that,” said Cowans pointing to items she stores in her garage.   

She’s sharing some or her tricks of the trade with 8 On Your Side, to help others earn cash too.

Although it can be time consuming, she says people need to do their research. For example, look at what’s hot, what’s selling, and for how much.

“If there’s ten scooters in the group, and someone has theirs at $15, then I could put mine at $10 and that is more desirable. Also, what it currently costs in the store. Sometimes I put a screen shot with it and say, hey, if you’re buying this from Walmart, you are paying $30. If you buy for me you’re saving $20,” Cowans said.  

It’s also important make sure to clean the item, use a good picture, and include a detailed description.

As for selling clothes, Cowans said that can be tough. She recommends that if you do, to sell clothing in lots.

“You can lay them out and take a picture so that they see what they’re getting. People aren’t going to come buy $.50 shorts, they would rather just buy a bag of them,” Cowans said.  

No matter what you sell every dollar adds up. Cowans’ side hustle goes directly into a family vacation fund. “This year alone I’ve made $600,” she said.

Cowans sometimes meets people for transactions at her home. Other times she meets people in public places, and you could even ship.

Many local police agencies offer safe areas to make transactions.

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