TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Law enforcement agencies in the Tampa Bay area are issuing warnings of a new scheme involving text messages.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and Hardee County Sheriff’s Office posted similar warnings on their Facebook pages this week. According to the posts, schemers are sending text messages that say the sheriff’s office is selling shirts.

The messages include links. Both sheriff’s offices warn to not click the links.

“This text is a scam. We will NEVER send you a text trying to sell something,” the Highland County Sheriff’s Office post said. “Please don’t click on the link if you get this text.”

The Hardee County Sheriff’s Office warned that the text message scheme is apparently circulating in the community.

“Do not click on the link in the message – it’s a scam!” the post said. “The Hardee County Sheriff’s Office is NOT selling shirts.”

Several Facebook users commented on both posts saying they had received the text messages.