TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – If you’re looking to get some scares in this Halloween season, the Tampa Theater claims to be one of the most haunted places in the Tampa Bay area.

“Tampa Theatre is haunted all year-round, not just October,” Director of Marketing Jill Witecki said.

The Tampa Theatre has been putting on shows since 1926 but behind the curtain and beyond the stage, Witecki says ghosts and spirits have been putting on a show of their own, like in the manager’s office.

“People in the lobby have heard keys rattling up here like someone is trying to find the right key to fit into the lock,” said Witecki.

One of the most intriguing haunts, however, is contained to a single seat – number 308 – where a man has been seen wearing a fedora.

“I have always questioned the validity of that story until we had some of our paranormal investigators come in and spend some time in that area of the building and they captured all kinds of interesting things. Both video and audio lead us to believe there is someone in seat 308,” said Witecki.

There is no clear proof if the paranormal is, in fact, haunting the downtown Tampa building but there is one real mystery that remains: How ticket-taker Robert Lanier died on the lobby floor.  

“Even his own family who has come and visited and told us more about Robert than we knew previously have told us, ‘We don’t know how he died, whether it was an accident or if he was killed for his paycheck,'” said Witecki.

So do you think the Tampa Theatre is haunted? Through the month of October, they’re offering guided ghost tours where you can decide for yourself.  

“We’re really proud of our ghosts. They seem to be on their best behavior,” Witecki said.

For more information on the Tampa Theatre and their ghost tours, visit their website.