TAMPA, Fl. (WFLA) — A Tampa Bay elementary school celebrated International Women’s Day in a unique way on Wednesday.

Teachers at Miles Elementary School in Tampa dressed up as several historical figures to highlight the impact they have made in the world.

“I just want, especially my girls, to think, okay, I really can be anything I want to be. These women have paved the way,” Miles Elementary School Principal Carla Nolan said.

Some dressed up as Amelia Earhart, Meghan Markle, Lucille Ball, Ellen Ochoa and Ruby Bridges, to name a few.

“We’re all like, ‘Oh my gosh, your costume is great’. It’s a great way to also lift each other up because its full of just natural compliments based on creativity,” Nolan said.

Every teacher that decided to highlight a historical figure wore a sign that described what the women were notable for.

“The most important thing to me as a woman is that I’m the keeper of other women’s stories and that I never find myself in a judgment zone for them,” Gretta Wooley said.

This is Miles Elementary School’s second year of celebrating Women’s History Month in this manner, but Nolan said she hopes it becomes a tradition.