TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Bay area is a great place for adventuring with your furry friend, but it’s also doggone expensive.

An analysis by Forbes Advisor revealed Tampa and St. Pete rank among the most expensive cities to own a dog.

The study looked into several economic factors in 78 major cities, including the percentage of household income required to cover boarding fees, veterinary expenses, pet insurance premiums and “doggy day care.” A recent Forbes Advisor survey also found nearly 40% of dog owners have tightened their budget to afford pet care.

Dog expenses average $1,533 annually, according to the analysis. Those who use doggy day care (twice per week) can expect to spend an additional $2,980, on average.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, tops the list of most expensive cities for dog owners, followed by Greensboro, North Carolina, Bakersfield, California, and El Paso, Texas. The least expensive cities for dog owners include San Jose, California, Washington, D.C., Huntsville, Alabama, and Omaha, Nebraska.

Tampa and St. Pete were ranked 19th and 12th, respectively. Tampa pet parents spend about $1,425 on vet care, insurance and boarding, while those in St. Pete pay $1,494 on average.

To view the full rankings and for money-saving pet care tips, visit the Forbes Advisor website.