TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – In just a few days, Tampa Bay will be without one of its most beloved meteorologists. But before setting the weather clicker aside, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor decided to honor Max Defender 8 Chief Meteorologist Steve Jerve with his own proclamation.

On Wednesday, Castor declared Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021, as “Steve Jerve Day.”

“It’s not just bringing the news and bringing the weather forecasts, it’s when the community needs that information… and what you do Steve, and have done for decades, is bring that sort of reassurance and sense of calm with up-to-date information on the weather,” she said.

On the proclamation the mayor gave Jerve, she emphasized his role in alerting the community on major storms such as Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Andrew.

“When I was able to get this job, which is very difficult to do, it’s at a great TV station, in a great city, and a great job. So to be able to get this job in a very difficult business and to hold onto this job and to grow in this job and grow in this city, it’s like a dream come true in many ways,” Jerve said.

He has spent the past 23 years, out of his 40-year career in television, at WFLA News Channel 8. His final day on air is scheduled for Aug. 6.