TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa man was arrested Thursday by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Southwest District Environmental Crimes Unit for illegal disposal of biomedical waste.

Basile Pertsas, the owner of Waster Alliance/Sharps MD, was charged with…

  • 11 felony counts of littering for commercial purposes and economic gain
  • 11 misdemeanor counts of nuisance injurious to health
  • 11 misdemeanor counts of storage of bio-medical waste at a non-permitted location
  • One felony count of violation of probation

On Monday, the DEP’s Office of Emergency Response followed a complaint and obtained an Inspection Warrant for the Specialty Trailer Leasing storage location in Plant City.

Investigators found a total of 11 storage containers, including eight 53-foot trailer containers and three cargo shipping containers containing more than 50,000 pounds of untreated biomedical waste.

The DEP will hire a contractor to remove the biomedical waste and take it to an approved disposal facility.