TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — Tampa International Airport expects to see a record number of travelers during the 2023 spring break period.

March was when the airport saw its highest number of passengers per month in 2022 with over 2.2 million travelers coming through the airport.

Adam Buchard, the airport’s Vice President of Operations said they started seeing spring break crowds early this year.

“Earlier than anticipated by nearly two weeks, we welcomed more than 84,000 people through our building this past Sunday,” Buchard said.

The airport’s spring break travel period is normally from March 7 through April 10. It’s when an average of 76,000 passengers and 550 flights are seen daily.

Buchard said Saturdays and Sundays will be the airport’s busiest days with nearly 100,000 people traveling on those days alone.

“I like to refer to spring break as the Super Bowl for the airport and so we plan for months in advanced to make sure that we have it right,” he said.

Travelers are encouraged to arrive two hours in advance for domestic departures and three hours in advance for international trips. Booking parking in advanced online is also recommended.

Before heading to the airport, travelers are asked to double check their luggage to avoid unnecessary headaches.

“Most of the times it’s just an honest mistake people have firearms in their carry-ons, in their backpacks, and they come into the checkpoint and don’t realize it until the X-ray machine finds it,” said Tampa International Airport Police Chief Charlie Vazquez.