Tampa is home to a one of a kind Undersea Oxygen Clinic treating everything from sudden hearing loss to exploring how it can help those suffering from PTSD.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Undersea Oxygen Clinic is bringing hyperbaric therapy to the next level.

“We are in touch with the VA on a regular basis in getting clinical patients here to treat PTSD, and we are excited about it,” said Dr. Joseph Dituri of Undersea Oxygen Clinic.

With 28 years of experience as a Navy special ops diver, Dr. Dituri partnered to open the Undersea Oxygen Clinic to treat diving related illnesses and work with MacDill Air Force Base to research carbon dioxide intoxication.

“We’re using 100 percent medical oxygen to affect these changes in the body,” said Mario Caruso of Undersea Oxygen Clinic.  Caruso said that delivering oxygen through the cellular level is breaking boundaries in medical treatments.

The FDA has already cleared the treatment for 14 different ailments including sudden hearing loss.

“Depending on how quickly we get the patient we can restore their hearing almost completely to 100 percent,” said Caruso.

Many people are also turning to hyperbaric therapy to fight the effect of aging and gain more mental acuity.

“People will say I want to have a more youthful appearance I want to feel better,” said Dr. Dituri, who himself uses hyperbaric therapy regularly.

“I’m on fire when I get out of there. My idea flow process is ridiculous,” said Dituri.

Dituri has a PhD in biomedical engineering and specializes in research.  He and his team work with other doctors on major research projects.

“We hope that with the research that we’re doing here, along with USF that we can bring more approved indications to hyperbaric medications as the years go by,” said Caruso.

In addition to treating PTSD, the focus now is on traumatic brain injury, stroke and treating patients with autism, just to name a few.