TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The haze you are seeing in the air traveled a long way to get to the Tampa Bay area.

The Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission issued and Air Pollution Advisory on Tuesday because the air quality is so bad. Manatee County also issued an air quality advisory.

The National Weather Service says the haze is being caused by wildfires in Canada. Smoke from the fires is being blown out over the Atlantic and into Florida from the east.

Thomas Baranowski says he had to adjust his outdoor plans because of the pollution.

“We’ve been here three years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Baranowski.

He says he suffers from COPD and the air makes outdoor activity difficult for him.

“I normally go bike riding every day for 20 miles and I may not today, because I’ve been warned if air quality is this bad, I should stay out of it,” Baranowski added.

Jason Waters, the senior environmental manager at Hillsborough County EPC says the air quality can cause problems for certain groups of people.

“People that are sensitive, such as children or the elderly, or somebody that has asthmatic issues, it makes it more difficult for them to breath because the fine particles, they get down into your lungs and inhibit respiration,” said Waters.

The EPC says people with breathing issues should strongly consider staying inside until the air clears.

“Limit your outside activity today, stay inside, don’t go for those long runs where you are breathing deeply. Do what you can to minimize physical stress outside,” said Waters.

The EPC expects to lift the air advisory at 9 p.m. Tuesday and says the air should clear out by Wednesday.