Tampa Bay woman creates special Buccaneers-colored soap to celebrate Tom Brady

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay woman who has been creating different types of soaps for almost 25 years has concocted special bars with unique colors and scent in honor of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Cynthia “CJ” Young is known as a “bathologist.” Formerly in the medical field, she now owns and operates Sweet Harvest Farms.

Young told 8 On Your Side’s Daisy Ruth that she has created at least 28 different kinds of soaps, some of which range from medicinal to aid in eczema and acne to regular, pleasant-smelling soaps.

“I’m not claiming that it does anything, but certainly it can help,” Young said. “The rest of the soaps are just to enjoy.”

As Young, who is from Texas and is also a Cowboys fan in addition to a Bucs fan, was watching the Buccaneers historic win, she had an idea to create a soap inspired by Brady.

“You know, he’s had a really, pretty tough year and to make it as far as he did, now, of course, he’s Tom Brady, so everyone expected miracles. But they really got off to a rough start,” Young said. “We just love football, we love basketball, and I was watching the game and listening to all the stats. The fact that it’s the first year ever that they’ve had someone play the Super Bowl in their hometown. So that was pretty impressive.”

The soap isn’t only just benefiting Young and Sweet Harvest Farms.

She is also giving back to the community, via the Buccaneers themselves.

“And I thought, ‘God, you know, this should be a celebration. And I know that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do a lot for the community and so I thought, ‘you know, I think I’ll make this soap that really smells amazing and the colors of the Buccaneers and donate [a] dollar for every soap sold to their foundation,” she explained.

Young said the Brady and Buccaneers inspired soap does not have a strong smell but is “very alluring.”

“It’s just really nice, almost just like a little bit of tobacco mixed with a little bit of musk, but then the top notes of maybe something a little bit sweeter, like a rose. It’s really a usual aroma and it’s blended very well,” she said.

If she was able to speak to Tom Brady himself, Young said she wouldn’t immediately start with her soaps. She rather begin with, “congratulations, job well done.”

“Of course it’s a team effort, but Tom Brady is leading the pack, and wow, what an amazing season this has been. Ups and downs and it’s exciting. As far as the soap is concerned, you, Tom Brady, need to get this for your household and your friends,” she said.

Young said Armature Works in Tampa carries all of her bath and body products and she said they do “gangbusters.”

The soaps are made with as many organic, food-grade ingredients as possible, including food-grade clays, as well as essential oils.

Young has advice for those looking to buy soap and bath products.

“Read the labels of everything you put on your skin because everything that you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. And back when I was growing up, telling my age, we didn’t have cell phones, so we couldn’t stand in the grocery store, or any store, and Google the ingredients on the back of a label,” she said. “People have that convenience now, they should use it. Yes, it takes a lot of time and yes it can be a headache, but you know what, it’s very, very important.”

You can check out all of the Sweet Harvest Farms products made from scratch by going online.

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