Inspector Planet, otherwise known as Dr. Tracy Fanara, is now a comic book hero in a series of comics called Seekers of Science. The two issues so far feature Fanara and other characters solving environmental issues like oil spills and finding Patient Zero in a viral outbreak.

The characters use science theories to take on these issues. “Everybody wants to graduate school and use principals of science to solve environmental problems. It sounds so much easier than it actually is. In a comic book, that can be true,” said Fanara.

The comic books are available here

Inspector Planet joined Meteorologist Leigh Spann on the WFLA studio balcony for another experiment. This experiment showed how smart land development can naturally clean our water. During the experiment, Inspector Planet poured dirty water through a mixture of gravel, activated carbon, alum, and a coffee filter. The water filled with dirt, bacteria, and pollutants slowly passed through the mixture and came out clean. This simulated a water treatment plant method. In contract, Inspector Planet then showed what happens when that same dirty water is poured over a piece of concrete. Obviously, the dirty water passed directly into the larger water supply with all the pollutants. Fanara explains that by removing impervious pavers from your yard and allowing the water to filter through the natural habitat, it can lead to overall cleaner bodies of water.