When it comes to life after losing a limb it can be difficult to not only deal with that loss but also learning to use a prosthetic. There is a physical therapist that is using her life challenges and experience to encourage the amputee community to Vamos Tampa Bay!

It’s easy to see what drives Cosi Belloso.

“My passion is working with the amputee/limb loss community,” says Belloso.

Throughout her career as a physical therapist, she has worked with preemie babies, a 102-year-old, and amputees of all ages in between. Most recently, one woman saw her working with another patient.

“She just said, ‘I want to work with you!’ And I look at her, and I’m like what’s going on? You walk like a supermodel. She walks beautifully. She’s like, ‘I want to learn how to run.’ Seventy-three-year-old. So I taught her how to run, and we did our first race together in December,” she says.

Seeing the need for quality care for the amputee community in Central Florida she started a clinic; seeing patients all over Tampa Bay. She even started a Facebook page with live videos answering questions and sharing information with the amputee community. Her reach is global.

“Some people from Saudi Arabia, Ireland, I’ve got a couple of people from Australia. It’s at night time, so they’re always saying good morning to me, all over Canada, the United States, some from South America, Spain,” says Cosi.

She credits her success to the challenges she’s faced in life. Three years ago she found out she had breast cancer. The year 2016 was spent in surgeries, chemo and recovering.

“It was difficult, but it’s one of those things in life where you say, well, if I can beat this than…game on! Let’s go!”

Belloso’s parents came to Florida after escaping Cuba and starting a new life.

“Y todavia hablas Epanol,” asks News Channel 8’s Marco Villarreal in Spanish. “Do you still speak Spanish?

No, me defiendo muy bien el Espanol, y mis ninos tambien!”

She says she’ll always remember her parent’s lessons to work hard and give back.

“Obviously being bilingual has been huge in my profession. If there are very few amputee specialists, less still that are bilingual,” she says.

Belloso’s cancer is now in remission, and she plans on continuing to help as many people as she can. You can follow Belloso on her Facebook page, “Cosi Talks” here.