TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) —Attorney Mark Wright is a personal injury lawyer in Tampa. He freely admits he’s not a doctor or a soldier, but for the second time he’s planning a trip to a war zone.

Wright traveled to the Ukraine border to help refugees soon after Russia attacked that country.
Now he’s planning a trip to Israel this week.

“I’m going there because inside my heart I have to go there, to stand with the people of Israel, to stand with the people of Israel and just as a human being and I want to make a difference,” said Wright.

He hopes to visit the wounded in hospitals with a group of doctors he will be traveling with, and spend time with the families of people who were captured by Hamas as the war first broke out.

“Thirty days ago today, over 1,400 Israeli citizens were injured, were brutally murdered by Hamas. I’m not there to be political, I’m there simply to stand with the people of Israel in Israel,” said Wright.

Wright has traveled to Israel before, going there last summer with his family. He knows this trip will not be the same.

“This trip will be nothing like that trip. This trip is simply and clearly to say that I am Jewish, I am an American and I care about the people and the state of Israel,” said Wright.

He’s also promised his wife he will do what he can to stay safe.

“I understand I’m putting myself in harms way. I will be smart and stay away from Gaza or anywhere nearby, but I’m going because I just want to be a good person and good human,” said Wright.