TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – They chanted. They held signs. They even formed the word ‘IMPEACH’ in bright letters.

More than 150 pro-impeachment supporters gathered in front of the Sam M. Gibbons United States Courthouse in Tampa Tuesday night to urge lawmakers to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“I think the sign says it all: impeach and remove. I think he’s the most corrupt president ever,” Tampa resident Dana Kovar said.

Donald Veasey of Brandon interpreted that controversial call involving the president that began all of this.

“Do us a favor. That means do us a favor! You have to understand [Rudy] Guiliani was in Ukraine at the same time this was going on, looking for dirt on his political opponent,” Veasey said.

Across Polk Street, an outlier of sorts. A couple stood and waved a Trump flag and proclaimed they’re in support of the president.

“I’m out here because we have a Congress that’s assaulting our country,” Brandon Maly of Land O’ Lakes said. “I’m out here because I know there’d be a lot of people supporting impeachment, which is extremely unfounded.”

Maly didn’t seem bothered that he was outnumbered and kept firm on his stance.

“I don’t think he did anything wrong,” he said.

There were many more supporters like Maly 50 miles to the north in Spring Hill.

That’s where a few dozen people gathered for an anti-impeachment rally, urging the U.S. Congress to keep the president in office.

The group ‘Bikers for 45’ organized the event and held Trump signs.

Both rallies remained peaceful and no known incidents were reported.