ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A St. Petersburg bar is taking action following a complaint on social media from a patron about a skin rash she reportedly developed following a recent visit to the bar.

A customer claimed she experienced a severe skin reaction from a bench that runs the perimeter of one of the walls at Pelican Pub in St. Petersburg.

Following her post, other social media users claimed they had experienced similar symptoms.

The owners of the bar said another customer filed a complaint on Sept. 1 and worked with health officials to investigate, but the results of their inquiry were inconclusive.

Health officials found one living bed bug and a dead one, but it’s not clear if they were related to the rashes.

The owners have decided to remove the bench and replace it with tables and chairs.

“Yesterday we had pest control services out to spray and treat and then again after today, later today, once everything is removed, we’re planning to treat it again just as a precaution,” they said.

The owners have invited the health department back to the pub for another inspection.

They hope to reopen in time for Halloween Thursday.