TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Companies are charging grocery shoppers more money for less product, according to consumer experts.

They say some popular brands are using “shrinkflation” to offset higher costs without raising prices.

“It’s a sneaky way to raise prices on shoppers,” Consumerworld.org Founder Edgar Dworsky said.

He says companies will keep an item cost the same but cut down the product size.

“They know most shoppers are not going to realize it because shoppers are price sensitive, price conscious but they’re not net weight conscious,” he said.

He says the cuts can save the companies millions, and the pandemic isn’t necessarily to blame.

“It has to do with the pandemic only to the extent that they’re experiencing their own price increases,” Dworsky said.

So how can you avoid paying more for less? Dworsky recommends shopping store brands because they’re usually the last to downsize products and are typically a better value.

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