TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Sarasota woman gave the gift of life just before Valentine’s Day.

About six months ago, Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School graduate Candie Barrameda was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure. Barrameda had no other health conditions and was a perfect candidate for a kidney transplant.

The high school posted a plea for help on its Facebook page after Barrameda started dialysis three days a week for four-hour sessions.

Sarasota resident Kathryn Kochevar heard Barrameda’s story. She never met Barrameda but when she discovered that she was a match she wanted to make a difference.

Last week, the pair went to Tampa General Hospital for kidney transplant surgery.

Kochevar was discharged a day after donating her kidney and Barrameda was released from the hospital over the weekend to recover.

Barrameda thanked Kochevar and her family and the Cardinal Mooney community for their prayers and support.