TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Year over year, the only city in the Tampa Bay area that has had its rent decrease was Dunedin, according to a new rental cost report by Zumper. The most expensive city to rent in for the area was Sarasota, where costs have continued to rise.

According to Zumper’s report, the rent in Dunedin fell 12%, while rent in Sarasota and Tampa rose 34% and 37%, respectively.

To rent a one-bedroom apartment in the City of Tampa, rent is an average of $1,660 while in Sarasota it’s $1,940. Sarasota has the highest rent in the area, though Venice is not far behind at $1,900 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

The median price for renting a one-bedroom apartment in the entire state was $1,615.

While price fluctuations are worse for one-bedrooms, two-bedroom prices have gone up in the majority of the cities the Zumper report covers. Only Venice has not had a year-over-year price shift for two-bedroom apartments, which have remained relatively static at $2,420 per month.

Month to month, one-bedroom apartments in Venice, Bradenton, Tampa and Lakeland have all gone up, while two-bedroom prices have risen in Bradenton, Tampa, Largo and Lakeland.

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(Source: Zumper)

According to Zumper’s rental data, Lakeland remains the cheapest place to rent an apartment, while Sarasota is the most expensive.

Tampa was ranked fourth when it came to monthly rental costs. However, it was the largest for monthly price growth, at 5.1%. Lakeland was in second place for increases, going up 5% month-over-month in March.