TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – On this week’s episode of Run For Fun with Leigh Spann, we take a look at how and why to run with other people. Running or walking can be a solo experience, but finding a partner or group can help make the exercise more fun.

These partners can create a sense of accountability that keep you coming out even on days when you may otherwise have skipped the run or walk. Having a group of people around you can help pass the time quicker as well.

Be picky as you look for this group though. You’ll need to find someone who is a similar speed with similar goals. It’s kind of like dating, because you also spend many hours a week together, so you also need to have compatible personalities.

It can be intimidating when you first start running with a group or new person. Leigh Spann and Tampa running coach Maria Williams discuss ways to find running partners, how to join a group, and a few etiquette tips for running with others.

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