TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Glenn Martin Olsen captured a stunning and serene sunrise peeking through a cupola at the Island Club At Rocky Point.

Olsen set up his camera in a condo overlooking the clubhouse and Old Tampa Bay. The condo is on a floor that’s almost level with the cupola.

“This photo can be captured only a couple times a year,” Olsen said.

“When the weather is clear on a couple days in the fall, the sun becomes lower on the horizon. When the sun begins to rise higher on the horizon; I’m able to capture it [the sunrise] through the cupola,” he explained. “The sun for a minute or so appears to diffract through the cupola creating the cross image. While not occurring on a solstice date on the calendar, I consider it my personal solstice and attempt to capture it.”

Olsen shared the photo with WFLA Wednesday morning. You can see Tampa’s Westshore district in the background.