HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The story that caught the attention of people around the world. Back in April, then 3-year-old Noah McAdams has cancer, needs chemotherapy to fight the disease but instead, his parents look for natural remedies in alternative medicine.

“I think that the reliance upon the alternative medicine and abandoning the traditional medicine was significant for the judge,” said attorney Charles Gallagher.

Joshua McAdams and his girlfriend Taylor Bland-Ball were found in Kentucky days after doctors ordered the child have chemo.

“Again the question is medical freedom. That’s what, on their side, they’re saying,” said Gallagher.

Closing arguments were heard almost two weeks ago. The judge will make his decision on whether or not to grant full custody back to the parents Monday.

Gallagher believes the judge will open up time for the parents to see their child more often but still leave primary care to Noah’s grandmother.

“If there’s going to be a desire to not rely upon the regular, traditional methods and to divert from that, you can see why the judge would want to go ahead and have some controls over that kind of treatment, that kind of therapy,” he said.

Depending on what the judge rules, this case could be used in other cases or similar situations in the future. The judge is set to make that decision Monday at 4 p.m.