TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — When it comes to casting for a movie, it can sometime be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Just ask Rose Rosen, a casting director who lives in Tampa and has been finding the right people for roles for decades.

“We cast film, TV, all the episodes on TV. There’s all the internet stuff. There’s internal stuff for companies,” says Rosen.

She got her start in the film industry doing make up and styling. Then, a talent agent suggested she become a casting director.

“I opened my office the next day. I got Edward Scissorhands six months later.”

Rosen wasn’t responsible for casting Johnny Depp in the starring role for that Tim Burton blockbuster filmed in Tampa, but she was in charge of finding all of the local “extras” for the movie. And she hasn’t stopped since.

During the pandemic, Rosen saw a need and decided to fill it. Actors wanting to learn more about all facets of the film industry. Rosen, and fellow casting director Kim Swanson, launched “Casting with Rose and Kim” on YouTube.

“We did an intimacy coach. That was interesting. Really interesting! All the little tricks she has to make everyone comfortable in the situation,” Rosen recalls.

Rosen says it is easier than ever for actors to learn about their craft and their industry simply by going on line and doing some research.

“We’re accessible within reason now and we put a lot of information out there so go in search of it,” she says.

Rosen is working on a new show called “Craft of Casting.” It will include a group of casting directors from all genres of casting. They will answer questions live via Zoom. Rosen has more information on her Instagram page, @RoseRosenCSA.