TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Since the pandemic hit, many sanitation workers have dumped their jobs.

Public works departments and private garbage disposal companies around the country say they are short-staffed.

News Channel 8 is showcasing industries experiencing worker shortages. Xavier Harris took a ride with one of the City of Tampa’s sanitation drivers on Thursday.

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy,” Fabian Blakely told Xavier. “All the time you have different challenges that present itself.”

A few of those challenges consist of low hanging trees, kids running in the road and weather conditions.

Although Xavier couldn’t drive the truck due to safety reasons—”You have to go through a background check and they wanna make sure you have a CDL license,” Blakely told him—Xavier did get the chance to operate the claw that is used to pick up trash cans on the side of the road. You can catch all the action in the video above.

The City of Tampa is looking to fill 12 driver positions.

To be eligible for the role, one must know how to operate and maintain a front-loading commercial refuse vehicles and/or side-/rear- loading refuse vehicles and have an understanding of characteristics of front-loading commercial refuse vehicles and/or side-/rear- loading refuse vehicles; occupational hazards and appropriate safety precautions.

You can apply for the position on the city’s website.