They dedicated their lives and served their country for years. Now they’re ready to put their training to good use in civilian life. These are people who’ve been stretched, expanded and demanded. 

So when their life takes a 180 at the point of retirement, there’s one unit they can count on. They’re an elite force of the best soldiers in the world.

U.S. Special Operations. Trained with character, grit and commitment. 

Retired Colonel, Sean Corrigan, spent the better part of his life in special ops.

“For 34 years I knew exactly who was employing me, the United States Army, and I was sworn to protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States all that time,” he said.

But when retirement came around, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

“The transition process can be a little bit daunting,” he said.

Then he found the “Your Grateful Nation” network. 

The group’s Executuive Director, Rod Kirila, said, “Our entire existence is based on this notion that our special operators represent the top one percent of the military.”

Your Grateful Nation is a non-profit connecting former special ops members with mentors motivated to help them get jobs.

“Our guys are able to look at a problem set and determine multiple ways to solve it and then build a team,” Kirila said.

Retired Colonel Corrigan says he’s now working in the healthcare field and loving it.

“I was able to find a very good fit for my experience and my talents,” he told us.

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