There’s a new business concept in town and it’s blowing people away.

The Ring is a $2 million creative space meant to inspire creative minds in a healthy environment. It’s a space for co-working and where new businesses can incubate. 

“So this is the Ring Room, we use this as a classroom, for lectures – it’s a multi-purpose room,” explained co-owner Daniels Ikajevs.

Ikajevs used to be a boxer, hence the name of the new building.

The layout is deliberate, down to how bright the lights are and even the materials used for the walls to give each room a different smell.

“It is how you feel inside the space. Everything you see here has a reason, has a purpose. By green walls, the feeling inside the space, sectional materials, all natural materials inside the space, active designs of the space – all of that is meant to enhance one’s wellness and health inside the space,” said Ikajevs.

The Ring is working with Harvard University and together they’re tracking the relationship between health and the productivity of the tenants.

So far, more than 20 start-up companies have moved in. They say there’s plenty to love.

For starters, there’s organic coffee, tea and kombucha on tap.

The conference table is made from a continuous tree trunk with specialty lighting and preserved moss. If that’s not enough greenery for you there, there are several other rooms with hanging plants. In one breakroom, there are floating plants which are a centerpiece.

The office is a quiet zone so there are only certain places people can use their phone.

If you’re having a stressful day and need to take a minute, people can play ping pong to gather their thoughts. After ping pong, people can get back to work in specialty conference rooms with special mood lighting and state of the art technology.

One of the coveted features is the nap pod. Employees can take a quick snooze, refuel and get back to work.

For more information on the trendy spot, visit The Ring’s official website.