TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The mural that became a symbol and focal point of the Seminole Heights serial killings last year has come down.

David Lee, the owner of a building on the corner of Osborne Ave. and Nebraska Ave., removed the four-part tribute on the side of his building Friday.

Lee said he feels the mural is ready to come down as the community continues to heal from the terror that gripped the area for nearly two months.

22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell, 32-year-old Monica Hoffa, 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa and 60-year-old Ronald Felton were all shot dead in a random series of murders in the up-and-coming neighborhood.

Their suspected killer, Howell Donaldson III has been arrested and charged in connection with their deaths.

The mural and banner featuring tributes and memorials to the victims and also had an extra panel for everyone to share positive messages. Many people, including the victims’ families, left notes.

Lee said he is working to determine the next step for the mural.

“That’s kind of been part of the challenge all along you know. Some of the panels are big, they’re heavy. We’d like to probably give more than just one thing to a family since they have different households that want it,” Lee said.

The wall will likely be used as a place to display community art.

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